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My Growth as a Fashion Designer

March 01, 20232 min read

As a fashion designer, my sense of style has grown and changed over the years. At first, my designs were simple and lacked a certain flair, but as I gained more confidence and received positive feedback, I started taking more risks. This resulted in my developing an eye for not only flattering colors and patterns, but for creating garments that tell a story through the combination of different designs.

My inspiration often starts with an idea or a single image that I expand upon. For example, I may see a picture of tiedye and want to create a piece that incorporates it. I take the main image and keep adding to it, pulling in fabric backgrounds that complement the design.

What I noticed in the fashion world, both online and in person, was a lack of color and diversity. It seemed that monochromatic colors such as black, brown, tan, and white were the norm. I wanted to create something that stood out, something more than just a uniform. So, I started making pieces that are truly works of art, hence why I refer to them as wearable art.

I have created over 4000 items across my four stores and my favorite item is usually the one I am currently working on. Each collection becomes like my newest baby, and I love putting my heart and soul into each piece. Looking back at my earlier creations, I can see how much I have grown as a designer. Some pieces make me cringe, while others inspire me even more, as I cannot believe I was able to create such beauty.

My journey as a fashion designer has been filled with growth and experimentation. Each piece I create starts as a blank canvas, and I am guided by inspiration to create wearable works of art that stand out from the monochromatic uniform of the fashion world.

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