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Designing Mompreneur

March 05, 20231 min read

Hey everyone! Anita here. As you know, I'm a stay-at-home mom who has turned her passion for fashion into a clothing design empire. I've been interested in fashion since I was a child. My style has continued to evolve over the years into a more colorful and unique look.


I create my designs with a concept or idea in mind and build off that, often using one picture as the starting point for creating garments with multiple patterns and colors. My favorite item changes with each collection I work on, but looking back at past designs, some make me cringe while others inspire me even more.


Growing up, my biggest influences were fashion designers such as Calvin Klein, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Vidal Sassoon. I was also heavily influenced by international fashion, as I grew up watching Elsa Klensch on CNN and her show on fashion from around the world. I believe these influences have had a big impact on my style, and my designs often have a European feel to them.


So, there you have it, a little bit about me and how I got into clothing design. I hope you enjoy my designs as much as I enjoy creating them!

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Anita Davenport

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